Monday, January 31, 2011

Angel's Song

This painting is painted specifically for a verse.  "Truly bells were ringing and angel's singing the day that you were born."  I wanted to have a birthday greeting that said a little more.  

All prints and/or cards are signed and dated by the artist.  

Fun Fact:

I believe people need to be reminded of their importance and significance and that was my purpose in this painting/design.  This painting was lost in the fire but fortunately I have a print to reproduce prints.  I've only seen angels once in my life in a very short vision during prayer and this is as close as I can depict how they looked.  They were blue and white glowing like neon signs.  I could never exactly portray angels as no one knows what they look like but, I don't believe angels look like fat little cupid's or pretty women in pretty dresses either.  ;)  They are majestic, awesome, and beautiful beings.  

How to buy:

Please click HERE to visit my Ebay shop and buy prints.  All prints can be bought in card or print form.  Hurry before they are sold out!!

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