Friday, January 7, 2011


This painting is about a woman in waiting for her beloved.  It represents all women in this position and also the bride of Christ waiting for our True Beloved to return.  

All prints and/or cards are signed and dated by the artist.  

Fun Fact:

This painting was one that was burned in the fire.  All I have are prints left.  It wasn't until after I completed this painting that I noticed that the position of the eyes seemed to move depending on how close or far away you stand from the painting.  At a further distance the eyes look more downward and downcast, but the closer you step towards the painting the more the eyes look up and appear brighter.  I interpreted this as symbolic of any woman in waiting and of our anxious awaiting for the arrival of the bride Groom.

How to buy:

Please click HERE to visit my Ebay shop and buy prints.  All prints can be bought in card or print form.  Hurry before they are sold out!!

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  1. Wendy, what a beautiful woman with a wonderful anticipation!!!