Monday, January 31, 2011

Winds of Refreshing

This painting is another design painted specifically for a message.  I have noticed in these times in which we live that weariness is bearing down on the people severely, especially the people of God. 

All prints and/or cards are signed and dated by the artist.  

Fun Fact:

This painting was also destroyed in the fire so it will be a print of a print like so many others are.  
When I print these for cards this poem will accompany it:

May the winds of recompense and refreshing be always at your back and ever blessing.  Like a cool and desperate drink in a parched and weary place.  May the breath of His spirit satiate the countenance of your dear face.©  

How to buy:

Please click HERE to visit my Ebay shop and buy prints.  All prints can be bought in card or print form.  Hurry before they are sold out!!

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